2011 in St Andrews

There hasn’t been any blog activity for the past six weeks, principally because of the frantic nature of the end of term here in St Andrews. With so many concerts to play during the festive season, we’ve all been kept very busy. I’m happy to report, however, that all of these went extremely well.

2011 will be a big year for the Symphony Orchestra. Besides the 600th Anniversary Composition Competition, it’s also worth noting that the Orchestra is embarking on an eleven day tour of Europe in May, with four days in the middle spent in the picturesque town of Köszeg in Hungary. Other stops will include The Hague, Bayreuth, Vienna, Regensburg and Giessen. We’re lucky enough to work on this tour with Mark Biggins, who has previously conducted CUMS I and the Cambridge University Symphony Orchestra.

The year in St Andrews will see many other events that foster artistic excellence. As well as On The Rocks – a week long arts festival showcasing the best in new Scottish and student talent in music, theatre, comedy, visual art, photography, performance, and film – StAnza returns for four days in March. Founded in 1998, StAnza is the only regular festival dedicated to poetry in Scotland. And, of course, 2011 will see the continuation of the partnership between the University of St Andrews and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, as Orchestra in Residence. Not only will we be fortunate enough to see four concerts performed by the SCO this year, we’ll be treated to many more musical workshops and recitals.

Besides this, the Music Society will continue to host weekly lunchtime recitals on Fridays throughout term, and two Concert Wind Band and Chorus concerts. St Andrews Music Centre will hold weekly recitals on Wednesdays in term as well as regular evening concerts, and the St Andrews Music Club will continue to host events monthly. The Heisenberg Enemble will no doubt be brought together again, and St Andrews Chorus will perform, amongst others, Elgar’s Dream of Gerontius.

So Happy New Year, and get yourself to St Andrews. There’s lots going on.

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