For your listening pleasure…

Here’s a quick round-up of some new music, and some programmes about new music, to be found online. They’re well worth a listen. Please feel free to contribute to this list via the comments below. Happy listening!

Simon Cummings has achieved something quite remarkable on his 5:4 blog; a link to a recording (MP3 and FLAC) of every new and new-ish piece performed at the BBC Proms this year. Not only that but he’s also critiqued every work and provided scans of the programme notes that accompanied each performance. An invaluable resource which is well-worth a visit.

As you may expect there’s a lot of new music on YouTube although it’s often quite hard to find. Luckily, The Rambler comes to the rescue with this list of gems. Also provided are links for Rzewski’s The People United Will Never Be Defeated! and Lachenmann’s Grido. Brilliant stuff.

Currently on BBC iPlayer, for those in the UK, is Radio Scotland’s mammoth five-and-a-half hour (phew!) collection of interviews with composers including James MacMillan, John Tavener, Craig Armstrong, Thea Musgrave, competition judge Sally Beamish and the wonderful Nigel Osborne amongst many others. The programme is available until 21st October.

Finally, Measure for Measure is a series of interviews with composers on the Innova record label. Presented by Philip Blackburn they are a wonderfully diverse collection of what’s going on musically in the USA.



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